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Thirst for More!

ddykstra@sffirecu.org posted on June 2, 2010 07:42

Why Women's Global Leadership Network?

Women are the fabric of our communities. We see opportunities when faced with difficulties and beyond the "seeing" we are good at the "doing" something about it.

I look forward to sharing those successes and failures with women around the world to strengthen our commitment for making positive change no matter how large or small.

Everyday I am surprised by what I can learn from women from vastly different backgrounds and experiences and I thirst for more!

Diana Dykstra
SF Fire Credit Union

Impact of Women in Society

Banks make me cry ...

brandi.stankovic@gmail.com posted on May 27, 2010 10:03

Perhaps my crying is caused by my heightened emotional state (being a brand new mother).... but I just had the most disturbing experience with a bank. I won't name names.... but the initials are WF.

My husband and I are interested in buying a home... with the recent addition of our baby boy- now is the time to take the next step. We have been saving for a down payment, working to improve our credit scores, and preparing all the necessary items. We chose (our first mistake) to pursue the bank for a pre-approval on our mortgage. The approval process was easy... The representative mentioned he would send me the commitment letter. I never received it. So, I called the bank this morning to check in. Of course my rep is on vacation... and 6 transfers (yes, 6, I'm not being dramatic)... the phone line was disconnected. I called back. With every transfer I was put to the end of the que. Every person that answered the phone said it wasn't their job... every person said let me transfer you. My frustration was compounding with each new person I had to explain my situation to... Finally the tenth person I spoke to said "I can't help you"... and I reached my boiling point. I said "I am so frustrated. I have been on the phone for an hour, please find someone to help me. And I would appreciate it if you stayed on the line until the next person picks up." then I continued... "I am regretting my decision to get financing with your bank".... and guess what he did then....

He hung up.

I wanted to use this time to remind each of us... that SERVICE really is our differentiator. Why do people (including myself) continue to pursue a banking relationship? Is it the fancy marketing or the perceived convenience? I honestly have no idea.

We need to educate consumers. There truly is a credit union difference!

Brandi Stankovic, CUDE
VP, Marketing and Admin
Ventura County Credit Union

Engaging the Next Generation of CU Members, Internal Operations

CU Difference

msasmitchell@aol.com posted on May 20, 2010 10:02

Passion for making a difference.  I had a chance to work with a CU in Maryland this week and we talked about the books, Now Discover Your Strengths.  It focuses on your signature themes and how you can build upon your strengths to increase job satisfaction and it reminded me of one of my favorite sayings, "If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life."  

I love working with people.  I love making a difference.  I love working with credit union people who make a difference.  Passionate member service.  Believing in the mission of people helping people.  Understanding that each of us are like a rock thrown in a puddle - we trigger a ripple effect.  I want to make a difference, and enjoy working with people who share this passion. 

Susan Mitchell
Mitchell, Stankovic and Associates

Engaging the Next Generation of CU Members

Thoughts to ponder ...

msasmitchell@aol.com posted on May 7, 2010 09:58

Tonight I was having dinner with the senior leadership team of a credit union and I ask each leader to tell me what motivates them and/or how they like to receive recognition - through praise, thank you, awards, etc.  There were 15 women and 4 men. 
The men all mentioned that they like to see someone they mentor achieve.  The women all mentioned that they like the satisfaction of a job well done and that they didn't need recognition.  I must admit that this was surprising as I know that most women will tell me they want to be appreciated...  Why are we afraid to say that?   Why do men focus on coaching and women focus on doing the job?  Interesting thought for me to ponder...

Susan Mitchell
Mitchell, Stankovic and Associates
Internal Operations

Regulation E

brandi.stankovic@gmail.com posted on May 6, 2010 11:32

What do we need to do?

Generally, the new rule prohibits an institution that holds a consumer's account from assessing any fee or charge on a consumer's account for paying an ATM or a one-time debit card transaction as part of the institution's overdraft service, unless:

  1. The consumer is provided with a notice in writing, (or if the consumer agrees, electronically) segregated from all other information, explaining the institution's overdraft service;
  2. The consumer is given a reasonable opportunity to affirmatively consent (opt in);
  3. The consumer affirmatively consents (opts in) to the service; and
  4. The institution provides the consumer with confirmation of the consumer's consent in writing (or if the consumer agrees, electronically), which includes a statement informing the consumer of the right to revoke such consent.

When should we start?

As soon as possible. A financial institution may provide the notice required by §205.17(b)(1)(i) and obtain the consumer's affirmative consent to the financial institution's overdraft service for ATM and one-time debit card transactions before July 1, 2010, provided that the financial institution complies with all of the requirements of §205.17. (Comment 205.17(c)-1)

Regulation information provided was obtained from:

Financial/Risk Management

I'm a Believer!

judymc@attglobal.net posted on May 6, 2010 11:22

Involvement with Global Women’s Leadership Network is a natural for me. I served on the board of Freedom From Hunger board for a few years and saw how effective working with the women of the world was for not only feeding their children but providing education in a number of areas such as health, cleanliness, malaria and HIV prevention.  Also I was a member of the Women’s Leadership Symposium, a group of women who are CEOs of the largest credit unions.  GWLN is the final step in bringing together women in credit unions from all over the world. Magical things will come out of this group as it progresses. 
At the first meeting in Barcelona we were all teamed up with a woman from another country. We were given a short time to share background information and learn about the other woman. My partner was Susan from Kenya. Her story is profound and she is a great credit union person.  During the year Susan and I have kept in touch from time to time. She is a single Mom with 3 children in school and runs a credit union and completed her Master’s Degree this year!  One busy lady!  I am looking forward to seeing Susan in Las Vegas and hope to be able to show her some of the USA in the few extra days she can be away from work and home.
Theses ties are just one of the wonderful things that came out of that Barcelona meeting. Meeting the group of powerful women from Canada, learning some of what they do at their credit unions and seeing how committed they are to the GWLN was another wonderful result. Hearing Chetna from India talk about her teaching women in India to read and write so they could get a cooperative bank charter was an inspiration.
This is the kind of group that you put your heart into and come away with way more than you can imagine. I really urge all the women in the US to support this by their attendance at the July Meeting. You too will become a “believer”  I guarantee it!

Judy Mc Cartney
Retired CEO

Impact of Women in Society

Renewing My Faith

msasmitchell@aol.com posted on May 6, 2010 11:17

I joined the network to really make a difference.  In February of 2008, Mike and I were window shopping in San Diego and saw the most amazing print from a book, Women Empowered.  It was a pictorial of women around the world that have dedicated their lives to making a difference.  That summer, I was invited to facilitate a Board planning session for the World Council of Credit Unions.  It was inspirational and I was truly touched to see the work that credit unions are doing around the world.   Soon after, I was invited by Dr. Branch to visit the WOCCU offices to learn about a new initiative that they were developing, the Global Women’s Leadership Network…

It clicked with me as I have always believed that women can be the hub of the home, the community and now of the credit union movement  globally.  What if we create a network of women who join together, combine their skills and create micro-finance and leadership opportunities?  

From that time on, I have dedicated countless hours, volunteering as an advisor to help launch the initiative.  I am proud of the effort, proud of the 100 members who are now sharing ideas and the numerous programs the WOCCU has now developed for women.   21 countries are now involved and we have funded numerous scholarships to help our credit union sisters attend educational forums. 

We can make a difference!  There are so many issues in the credit union industry today, that it gets tough to focus on the core purpose of “people helping people.”   This initiative renews my faith…

Susan Mitchell
Mitchell, Stankovic and Associates

Impact of Women in Society

Chick Flicks

msasmitchell@aol.com posted on April 27, 2010 09:55

I love sports movies that tell the story of an underdog rising to prominence through grit, heart and hard work.  My all time favorite movie is the sappy story of a small kid named Rudy who just wouldn't give up in his quest to play for Notre Dame.  That is until I recently watched Invictus, starring Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela.  Mandela united a nation by ask a mediocre quarterback of the South African Rugby Team to play beyond his abilities, aspire his teammates to win the World Cup for their country.  An incredible leadership story... I cried, laughed, wrote down quotes and ask myself why don't women share these type of stories?

Susan Mitchell
Mitchell, Stankovic and Associates

Internal Operations

Welcome to Global Women's Leadership Network

Admin posted on July 16, 2009 21:30

A Global Women's Leadership Network Member is a Woman in a leadership position of a credit union or an organization that serves the credit union community. Through her individual contribution, or her organization's partnership, she is supporting the development of women leaders globally.

Challenges Facing Women in Leadership Positions, Growing CU Market Share
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