Fund Raising Program By Sister Society Narayani, Chitwan Nepal



  Pramita Dhakal

  GWLN Sister Society Narayani, Chitwan Chapter  


GWLN Sister Society Narayani, Chitwan Chapter , Nepal  organized  fund raising program on July 16.  Fund was raised by putting on Heena Tattoo on women's  palm. Those who put on the heena on their palm  donated  fifty rupees (Nepali Currency) for the task to be done.  Nearly one hundred  women participated in the program  and  Seven thousand Five hundred and fifty rupees ( Nepali Currency)  was  raised. Though this seems a little amount, but  the way  the event was able  to call all the women in one place and change the traditional fashion statement a way of earning is remarkable.

The concept of organizing Mehendi ( Heena) function came from the traditional values and practice in Nepal. In Nepal  there's a ritual of decorating hands and feet by a particular herb  whose scientific name is  Lawsonia inermis  in the last day of the month Ashar according to Nepali Calender which falls in July . Nepal, being a nation whose near about half of the citizen depend on traditional agriculture for livelihood has its own typical reason to celebrate this ritual. People  work on muddy and wet land to grow paddy "the main food" in the month of Ashar ( June/July). People's  hands and feet used to get infected , different itchy diseases and rashes  were seen as the result. Thus to get rid of those ugly looking hands and feet our ancestors  used the herbal product Heena which works as  ayurbedic medicine too. It was believed after working near about a month in the field i.e late June to early third week of July which is the last date of Nepali month Ashar , the next month Shrawan was welcomed with colorful beautiful hands and feet and celebrated the festive" Shawane Sankranti" also known as first date of the month.  It has a long history of the practice here in Nepal. By now the tradition is followed to put on Heena/ Mehendi on hands though most of the people don’t work in the field like before. Though male and female both used to put on the herb to decorate their palms and feet in earlier days now adays most of the female only put on the heena. It has become like a fashion statement too. People specially women put on Heena in different pattern and in different form. Special courses of Mehendi design is run to train students so that they can start as a profession too.

Thus, GWLN Sister Society Narayani, Chitwan Chapter  thought of raising the fund among women by giving their traditional belief a professional and business  touch.  Those women who were for sure to put on  heena in the evening  to celebrate the festival were even more happy to gather socially and participate in the program . Women leaders  Parbati Silwal and Reena Gurung were the guest in the program. They were followed by  renowned  business women, activist, social worker and influencer whose presence made the program a big one. 

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