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2012 Global Women's Leadership Forum in Gdańsk, Poland!


The agenda for the 2012 Global Women's Leadership Forum in Gdańsk, Poland is now accessible online! Please go to the "Upcoming Events" section of this website and look for the "Global Women's Leadership Forum in Gdańsk, Poland" article.

We hope to see you all there!

-Global Women's Leadership Network


A great first quarter for American Credit Unions!


Great news! The success of Bank Transfer Day, which launched an important increase of credit unions’ new members throughout the country last year, seems to still have positive effects. In a recent CNN Money article, the National Credit Union Administration points out that American “Credit unions added 667,000 new members in the first quarter to a record 92.5 million”. This record membership is largely attributed to a growing mistrust in big banks, which tend to charge more fees than community banks and credit unions.

The first quarter was also synonym of growth for credit unions’ assets and net worth as “Total assets (…) grew by $40 billion, or 4%, to top $1 trillion for the first time”.  About members’ savings, results for this quarter are more nuanced. While total savings among members increased considerably ($39 billion, or 5%, to $866 billion), 70,938 members filed for bankruptcy, which is 35 % more than the previous quarter.

To read the full article please click here:

Engaging the Next Generation of CU Members, Growing CU Market Share

Engaging in Ventura County - Day 1

I am looking forward to day 2 of our engagement program, where we will go to the field (literally) and get a first hand look at how Ventura County Credit Union (VCCU) is using the mobile member outreach technology from Mexico to provide financial services to farm workers in the field. Inspired by the Semilla Cooperativa model in Mexico, and presented by Caja Zongolica CEO Dolores Rivera at the 2010 Global Women's Leadership Forum in Las Vegas, VCCU in partnership with WOCCU and local partners, has adapted the methodology, developed an iphone app and is seeing a difference in business. Doing good deeds is making good business sense for VCCU. And changing their business model is tied into that, for example VCCU recently added Saturday business hours in one of their branches and thanks to the new member business, loans are nearly double what they had been previously. We learned today how the credit union sees reaching out to farm workers with mobile devices (smartphone) as a gateway / entry point to providing the financial literacy and services to potential members who are eager to find safe and secure means to manage their finances. Look for more inspiration as the trip continues.
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Happy Mother's Day!

I want to wish every Mother a very happy Mother's Day! Did you know that...women's peace groups marked the first efforts at creating a day to honor mothers in the United States? This occurred around the time of the Civil War when women who had lost sons in the war came together. Ann Jarvis was the first to found a committee which would create a day called, "Mother's Friendship Day" in 1868. Unfortunately, Ann passed away before she could see her dream of an annual holiday for mothers come to pass. In 1872, Julia Ward Howe spearheaded a Mother's Day observance along with a "Mother's Day Proclamation". This movement lost momentum and dissipated. In 1877, a Mother's Day observance was held on May 13th in Albion, Michigan. Finally, in 1904 the first public request was made by Frank E. Hering for a "national day to honor our mothers."

To all my GWLN Sisters, have a wonderful day!


The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) lacks diversity among its employees. In an article by Credit Union Times journalist Heather Anderson, NCUA’s Office of Minority and Women Inclusion points out that minorities only represent a small percentage of credit union employees; a percentage that is even smaller when it comes to high-er  level positions. Although women make up 46% of their employees, only one fourth of NCUA’s senior pay level positions are held by women.  Within the U.S. credit union industry, women comprise almost half of senior positions but minorities make up only 11%. To face this challenge, NCUA recommends (among other suggestions) that credit unions include diversity goals in their strategic plans.

What strategies do you suggest to promote the inclusion of minorities and women?

To read full article please click here
To read the report released by the NCUA’s Office of Minorities and Women Inclusion please click here

Don’t forget to take a look at our new Spring Newsletter!

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Are Women Better Leaders Than Men?

We hope you had the chance to have a look at some tips for better leadership that can be found at the resource library..

Recently, Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman, CEO and President of Zenger/Folkman, a leadership development consultancy, wrote an interesting article that analyzes men and women leadership. They surveyed more than 7,000 leaders and results showed that even though women leaders are outnumbered by men, their performance are more valued by their peers. The authors hypothesize that one of the explanation for this finding is that women leaders need to work harder than men to be recognized.

To read this article, please click on:


And don’t forget to give your opinion/experience as a credit union women leader!

Challenges Facing Women in Leadership Positions, Impact of Women in Society

Tips for better leadership

We know how challenging being a leader can be. Whatever sizes your country, credit union or company might be, you work hard raising awareness, promoting of credit unions and making our world a better place. We'd like to share some tips given by Mark Sanborn, President of Sanborn & Associates, Inc. to help you being successful leaders.

Please visit our Resource Library on the "Leadership Development" section to download the PDF file.

Thanks for your hard work,

-Global Women's Leadership Network

Challenges Facing Women in Leadership Positions, Member Discussions

Credit Unions' Access to Mobile Technology

Dear ladies,


Today, we all know that efficient telecommunications, even more mobile phones, are an absolute must to carry out our businesses. But did you know that women throughout the world have an unequal access to mobile phones?

In a very informative article, Cammie Erickson, from the non-profit organization “Business of a Better World” (BSR), talks about a “significant gender gap”. Using data from the “GSMA mWomen Programme” (attached as a PDF document in the article), she points out four policy recommendations to address this gap. More than providing better access, what Cammie Erickson considers as crucial is improving women’s literacy in technology. A few innovations and partnerships already exist to empower women through mobile technology.


To read the article, please click on:


What about you? Do you and/or your members have good access to this kind of technology? 


And if you’d like to have further details about the role and value of Mobile Technology in our Credit Union world, please read WOCCU’s President & CEO, Brian Branch’s post in CUInsight:


-Global Women’s Leadership Network

Challenges Facing Women in Leadership Positions, Engaging the Next Generation of CU Members, Facilitating Greater Access to CUs Worldwide, Internal Operations, Member Service, Technology

Canadian credit unions focus on International Women's Day

The Canadian Co-Operative Association highlighted International Women's Day in their newsletter today.  Take a look at what they're doing locally and around the world with credit union development.


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Happy International Women’s Day!

On behalf of the Global Women’s Leadership Network I want to personally wish you a very happy International Women’s Day (IWD).

The day, March 8, has been observed since 1911 when oppression and inequality spurred women to become more vocal and active in campaigning for change.

Today IWD is celebrated around the world and continues to raise awareness on the important issues affecting today’s women. I am honored to have you as a part of the Global Women’s Leadership Network, paving the way in the credit union industry and empowering women globally with access to much needed financial resources.

Take a moment to explore the deep history of the day and also check your area for local events. I hope you find inspiration and take time to celebrate our many collective accomplishments.

Enjoy your day!

Nicole Bice

Impact of Women in Society, Networking
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