Hollywood Story Code @ 2024 WCUC

Join us at 2024 WCUC! Learn about Cracking the Hollywood Story Code from keynote speaker LaQuita Cleare, Master Storyteller and Engagement Expert at the GWLN / WYCUP Joint Forum!!


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See you at 2024 WCUC in Boston, US!


GWLN aims to provide women with the opportunity and resources to make a measurable difference …

  • In the lives of each other

  • In the lives of credit union members

  • In their communities



GWLN is bursting with diverse groups of women from all walks of life, expertise, and professional levels. We support one another to develop the leadership potential and career advancing skills needed to drive the global credit union industry. Check out the membership benefits and join other credit union women across the globe.

Sister Societies

Let the GWLN community know about your Sister Society meetings by adding them to our calendar of events! We can highlight your meetings on our homepage along with a brief description of your speaker/topic. We can't wait to hear of all of the amazing conversations that will occur in 2022! Tie on your pink and join us!

Thought Leadership

What are the obstacles holding women back in advancing to leadership roles in credit unions?
What are our members saying!
What is your credit union doing? What are industry leaders saying?

All of this and so much more in the GWLN Pink Paper WE for SHE.

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2024 WCUC - GWLN events

Join us at 2024 WCUC for all the events where we celebrate 15 years for GWLN!! Check out all our GWLN and WYCUP events and don't forget to register. You can see the full agenda here.

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