October 27-29

2021 Executive Readiness Summit

This year we look at resiliency, inclusive leadership, bias and the brain, every day strategic thinking, accelerating technology and adapting to our new world. 

An added plus - thanks to eLeadership Academy, with each registration you enter to win 1 of  4 enrollments in the program series:

-       eLEAD ($1,250 value)

-       eCOACH ($1,250 value)

-       eLeaderHUB ($550 value)

-       eFOCUS ($390 value)


WE for SHE - GWLN's Pink Paper

What are the obstacles holding women back in advancing to leadership roles in credit unions?
What are our members saying! What is your credit union doing? What are industry leaders saying?

All of this and so much more in the GWLN Pink Paper WE for SHE.

To view the online version, click here.
To download a pdf version, click here

What Holds Women Back?

Who is your biggest advocate? Who is your biggest champion? How often do you advocate for yourself? How often do you advocate for other women in the industry?

eLeaderHUB -  Resilient Leader Series

A complimentary webinar series for GWLN and WYCUP audiences

Get a taste of the eLeaderHUB program and learn how to strengthen resilience for yourself and your team. In this three-part webinar series, Neuroscience of Leadership expert and founder of eLeadership Academy Sandra McDowell will share insights on how to lead yourself, others, and your organization with brain-based leadership techniques. The Resilient Leader Series will give you the confidence to lead with the brain in mind and thrive in the face of change.

People Leadership 
September 28,2021

Organizational Leadership 
January 25, 2022


Our Mission

GWLN aims to provide women with the opportunity and resources to make a measurable difference …

  • In the lives of each other

  • In the lives of credit union members

  • In their communities


2021 - What's going on in your Sister Society?

Are you having a Sister Society meeting? Let the GWLN community know by adding it to our calendar of events! If your meeting is upcoming, we will highlight it on our homepage along with a brief description of your speaker/topic. We can't wait to hear of all of the amazing conversations that will occur in 2021!