2021 - What's going on in your Sister Society?

Gisele Gomes will be speaking to the members of the North Texas Sister Society on January 20th!

 Gisele works with Sicredi and the GWLN Sister Societies in Brazil. Gisele was instrumental in Sicredi Youth Committees within the communities to involve the YP members of their respective communities, growing their business and creating sustainability within their community.  You will not want to miss this event!

Worldwide Foundation : BRIDGE THE GAP CAMPAIGN

Everyone deserves inclusion. A billion members face a myriad of inclusion gaps daily. Credit unions are the answer. Join our #BridgeTheGap campaign giving inclusion to those in need.

Looking ahead to 2021...

GWLN is excited to see our members, leaders and supporters as we continue to connect, inspire and empower our communities!

Here is a brief overview of GWLN's activities and events in 2021 - mark your calendars!


CU Management Article: Wonder Women Rise Up to Face to 2020 Pandemic

"There has never been a more critical time for all of us to stand together than during this time of major disruption, a perfect storm consisting of health, economic and social justice crises. Credit unions workers are considered essential, and many of these front-line workers are women struggling to balance the needs of their children, parents, jobs, communities and themselves. It is a time of great sacrifice that was expected to be for a moment in time and now may have permanent consequences."

"Yet, the Global Women’s Leadership Network has become a powerful and prestigious program, positioning leaders to rise up together worldwide to face these issues as one. Envision a line of women with their arms locked together, determined to protect their world from all the evils in the land. Kind of feels like they have superpowers, these GWLN Wonder Women."


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