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Sister Societies

Sister Societies are local groups of Global Women's Leadership Network members who come together to exchange ideas, impact the local community, and share information with other network members. These meetings are organized several times a year and are usually held in credit union offices. Sister Society meetings are a great opportunity to discuss important issues impacting women leaders in credit unions and to build cooperative projects that can be implemented within the local community. Through the Sister Society initiative, the Network makes a difference locally as well as internationally.

So far, 32 Sister Societies have been established in 13 different countries. The societies and their respective start dates include:

Arizona - since May 2013

Bahamas - since October 2015

Brazil - since March 2016

CA- Bay Area (San Francisco) - since April 2012

CA- Central Coast (Santa Barbara & Ventura Counties) - since February 2014

CA- Southern California (LA, Inland Empire, Orange County) - since February 2014

Colorado - since May 2014

Costa Rica - since April 2017 DC - since August 2013

Fiji - since 2012

Florida - since October 2013

Jamaica - since November 2012

Macedonia - since June 2016

Malawi - since 2012

Michigan - since April 2012

Minnesota - since June 2016
Nepal (Bhaktapur) - since April 2015

Nevada - since August 2012

New Jersey - since May 2012

New Mexico - December 2015

New York - since May 2012

Ontario - since November 2013

Pennsylvania - since September 2015

Peru - since October 2015

Philippines (Plaridel) - since March 2015

Philippines (Tagum) - since May 2015

Servus Credit Union (Alberta, Canada) - since 2012

Thailand (Bangkok) - since April 2015

Thailand (Chiang Mai) - since November 2015

Trinidad and Tobago - since October 2013

Utah - since May 2015

Vancouver - since April 2016

Wisconsin - since May 2015

    For further details about upcoming events, please click here.

    Interested in organizing a Sister Society? Please contact us at

    A huge thanks to PSCU for their continued support of the Network's Sister Societies!



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