GWLN members are connecting, inspiring and empowering over 3,000 individuals from 83 countries across the globe. Below are the responses that members gave when asked about their involvement in the Network.


Why did you join the Network?


"To support the development of women in the credit union industry as well as to participate in experiences with fellow women credit union leaders that create community and personal/professional growth."
-Nicole Brusewitz, VP Education and Events, Mountain West Credit Union, Denver, USA

"As I came to know about Global Women's Leadership network, its educational programs, opportunities to expand network and relationship, I became very interested to join this network as it would be an opportunity to connect the women of Nepal and their ideas at a Global Level. I intend to learn from others and also share my journey this far in empowering women."

-Sarita Timsina Bhattarai, Board Member, National Cooperative Bank Ltd, Nepal.

"To network and share experience with other women leaders world wide and to interact with other women leaders and staff. I would like to contribute to their empowerment using my experience."

-Triza Magreta, General Manager, Mudi SACCO, Malawi.

What value does the Network provide to you, your staff or your organization?

"The network I believe is an unprecedented program that highlights the contribution that women make in the co-operative field and promote them and encourage them to enhance their skills. I believe the opportunities that I will receive through this network will help me grow as a person as well as grow in the co-operative sector."

-Shanti Adhihari, Board Member, Nepal Federation of Savings and Credit Unions Ltd. Nepal

"I am looking forward to being a valuable asset to a community of individuals, working together to support one another.  My goal is to add value to the network through my experience, education and perspective."

-Elizabeth Winninger , CEO, Xtend, Inc. Michigan, USA

"This network will afford me the opportunity to not only share my experiences and skills but also to be able to gather knowledge and share experiences with other women in my field."

-Jamilia Draper, Principal Consultant, Mirasu Consulting, Trinidad and Tobago.


March 2020

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