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What is a Sister Society?


Sister Societies are GWLN chapters established on a local level around the world to further the GWLN's global mission by making a local impact. The purpose is to convene credit union women, discuss credit union issues, exchange ideas, network with neighboring credit union leaders, and provide education to share lessons learned with Network members worldwide.

Currently we have 145 Sister Societies in 28 countries.

Attendees at local sister society events are strongly encouraged to join GWLN after their first sister society/ chapter meeting. This supports the initiative in purchasing a pink item, makes a contribution to the program, and encourages male colleagues to join as GWLN members too.
Becoming a member takes less than five minutes and can be completed online here or via the mobile application.

Anyone connected to a credit union is welcome to attend sister society meetings.

If you are interested in starting a sister society in your area, contact us at